Why use Le Scope ?




A rich, varied and consistent service:


From guest houses to palaces via authentic mountain lodges, we have carefully selected 3500 charming, luxurious and design hotels in 500 destinations across the world.


A quality service:


All of the establishments proposed have been visited, reviewed and rated by one or more of the three sources of information that we use: hotel guides, traveller’s reviews and hotel chains (for example, Leading Hotel, Relais & Châteaux etc). 


An instant service:


This is one of the criteria of the site: all hotels featured must be reserved online. However, due to variations between hotels when it comes to reservation distribution policies, there can sometimes be wide variations between hotels as regards availability.  


An independent service:


Due to its economic model, Le Scope has total freedom regarding its choice of hotels and the hotel chains that it recommends.


A constantly updated service:


An automated system collects satisfaction ratings from our partners. As soon as one of these ratings drops below a certain level we are alerted, and we can even remove certain establishments form the site.




Thanks to our extensive geographical search engine


Want to go away for a ski weekend and choose your ski station depending on how charming the hotel available is?


No problem! Type French, Swiss or Austrian Alps into our search engine and you will get a list of the best hotels available in whichever region you wish to ski in, without having to check hotel availability station by station.


It works just the same if you prefer the Mediterranean sun of Provence, Tuscany or the Cyclades!


Thanks to Le Scope’s ratings system:


Want to know which hotel is the best in terms of value for money?


Thanks to Le Scope’s ratings, you are a mouse click away from obtaining a list of hotels ranked from the most comfortable to the least comfortable and vice versa.


Do not be deceived, however: least comfortable does not mean totally decrepit, as all our featured establishments are quality ones. It just means a hotel which is simple and which offers the essentials. 


A rating of 5 could therefore mean no 24 hour reception, no gym, no restaurant or bar, no lift… but very good hospitality!


Therefore, once the hotels are ranked in terms of comfort, to check the level of the rating given all you have to do is click on the cheapest hotel to see the link between quality and price.


After that, the rest is simply a question of taste!


Thanks to the site’s qualitative filters


You’re going to Miami and you just have to stay in the hotel with the trendiest bar in town?


Click on the “trendy bar” filter and, as if by magic, you will get a list of Miami’s eight corresponding hotels.


Four other qualitative filters are also available. They allow you to choose between hotels in terms of views, tranquillity, gourmet cuisine and, finally, exceptional interior design.


Thanks to the introductory texts


Need some advice in order to get your head around the hundred or so hotels that New York has to offer? Don’t know whether it’s better to stay somewhere in the MoMa region of Mid-town or in the Lower East Side?


Little by little we are continuing to develop the tips and advice that help you to know where you want to stay depending on your expectations, your tastes and what activities you want to do.


Thanks to the quality of our photos


As aesthetic elements also play a big role when choosing a hotel, we are constantly working to improve the site’s photos. Currently there are already 50,000 photos available.


Thanks to our booking partners


Book a hotel on the Internet today can seem like the simplest act of the earth. Still, there are subtleties. Each website has its own system, its own conditions and its own type of clientele.


For simplicity, we have chosen to emphasize the partners with whom the booking process is both the simplest, most transparent and most reliable. We also preferred partners who could ensure our readers to be welcomed in the best possible way with the hotels. For all these reasons, Booking.com and Splendia now represent our two main partners.


Furthermore, the prices shown in the hotel lists are for the cheapest double room and, in most cases, are with tax included.


Sometimes, however, with some destinations - such as London – the hotels themselves do not communicate their prices with taxes included.


In order to be sure of the final price that you will have to pay, we therefore encourage you to carefully examine the reservation conditions provided by each of our partners.


In light of this, beyond the simple element of price we also encourage you to compare the billing and cancelation terms and conditions of your reservations. Such terms and conditions can vary greatly from booker to booker.


Some bookers, such as Splendia, will ask you to pay a 25% deposit in advance, while others, such as Expedia, will immediately bill you in advance for the whole of your stay. Finally, others like Booking or Venere will not ask you to pay anything in advance, and you simply pay the hotel directly for the whole of your stay when you check out.