How to book a hotel ?




One of the simplest ways to find the hotel you’re looking for is by using our search engine, situated in the top left hand corner of the Le Scope home page.


In the search box type in the first few letters of one of the words of the destination or hotel that you are looking for and the search engine will suggest some results that correspond to what you have typed.


As the search engine is a little strict when it comes to spelling, it only works if your spelling is perfect and if the name of the destination is correct. Therefore, we have mainly used local names for destinations... except some well known destinations, such as Brittany for example, that you won't find under its french name : "Bretagne".


If you are not sure about the spelling of a word, you can also select your hotel using the interactive map at the top of the homepage, which takes you from continent to country and then from country to town or region, giving you the whole range of destinations.


Once you have chosen your destination, all you have to do is to enter the relevant dates of your stay. We then get our partners to provide you with a list of the best results.




The hotel lists include the prices for the cheapest room and, in most cases, are with tax included.


Sometimes, however, with some destinations - such as London – the hotels themselves don’t communicate their prices with tax included.


In order to be sure of the final price that you will have to pay, we therefore encourage you to carefully examine the reservation conditions provided by each of our partners.


In light of this, beyond the simple element of price we also encourage you to compare the billing and cancelation terms and conditions of your reservations. Such terms and conditions can vary greatly between each of our partners.


Some of them, such as Splendia, will ask you to pay a 25% deposit in advance, while others, such as Expedia, will immediately bill you in advance for the whole of your stay. Finally, others like Booking or Venere will not ask you to pay anything in advance, and you simply pay the hotel directly for the whole of your stay when you check out.


Furthermore, when it comes to choosing a hotel in some major destinations like Paris, London, New York and Tuscany, a large number of results come up, which can make the selection process difficult.


So that you can better find your way through all the results, you can use different filters which appear to the left of the lists.


These filters contain criteria concerned with comfort, such as wifi availability, swimming pool or room service, more qualitative features such as views and cuisine, and other aspects such as style and the size of the hotel.


The figures corresponding to the different criteria represent the total number of hotels available that meet the criteria in question.




By clicking on the hotel of your choice in the list, you will be able to access a descriptive profile of the hotel.


Photos of the hotel are displayed one after the other if you click directly on them.


Underneath the photos you will find two links – one containing a descriptive text about the hotel and the other allowing you to compare and/or to reserve the hotel in question.


Once on the hotel profile page you can also access the pages of other neighbouring hotels or explore other close-by destinations.


If you then wish to go back to the hotel list, please bear in mind that we do conserve the prices that were searched for regarding a given destination but we don’t conserve the different search filters that you will have entered previously. 




When on the hotel profile page, once you have made your choice you can access the best offers that we can give you.


By clicking on the partner/booker link, you will be redirected to their website, where the dates of your stay will be displayed along with all the possible offers proposed by the selected hotel as well as advice for travellers.


Some sites may display a price that is lower than the one we first quoted you: please be aware that often this is because the reservation site shows the price without tax. Once you move through the different stages of the reservation, the taxes should appear, thus giving you a complete reservation price. 


Once the reservation has been made, you will receive a confirmation email from our partner- and all that is left for us to do is to wish you a good trip!